Friday, March 22, 2013

Savoring the culinary Delights of New York City with Hertz Car Rental New York

Ranging from Broadway to its wildly diverse and urban eco system in the Big Apple, the city of New York certainly awes you in many ways. New York is also ranked as one of the best culinary capitals of the globe making it a haven for food lovers and tourists wishing to savor its cuisines and delectable delights. Some of the best city food and culinary treats worth a try in NYC are:

New York City Bagels
This quintessential roll treat is an appealing option for thousands of New Yorkers every morning. It proves as a filling option for breakfast and other regular meals. Bagels in New York are not toasted immediately; instead it contains salt and malt and is boiled in water prior to baking in an oven resulting in a puffy, moist crust which provides tourists with a delicious thing to savor.

Black & White Cookies
The texture of the White & Black cookies found in New York City is amazing and definitely worth a bite. The white icing has a slight citrus flavor while its darker counterpart is frosted with rich chocolate making it a "must have" on the list of food lovers. These scrumptious treats can be bought at the outlets of William Greenberg Jr. Desserts, Donut Pub Rocco's Pastry & Espresso Cafe, Zaro's Bakery, Barney Green grass and a host of other locations.

New York City Pizza
Noted for a fantastic range of pizzas, New York sets the highest quality benchmarks in serving this Italian delicacy. The numerous pizzerias in the city cater to the taste buds of those looking forward to have a quick meal on the go along with those waiting to spend some time for leisure.

Deli sandwich
Tourists who find it difficult to decide between pastrami on rye or beef enjoy biting into the half-and-half sandwiches served at the New York City delis. Customized to meet the tastes and requirements of the most discerning food lovers, these deli sandwiches are served on rye along with mustard. With tasty pickles as accompaniments, deli sandwiches are a must while in NYC.

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