Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheap Car Hire Lyon: For A Hassle Free Experience

Lyon is a place with its 300 renaissance merchant houses, its Gallo-Roman ruins and gastronomic reputation packed in a Mediterranean light, under which the gold and rose buildings fairly glow. Located in stunning landscape between two hills, Fourviere and Croix-Rousse and two elegant rivers, the Saone and the Rhone, Lyon surprises tourists with a wealth of marvelous architecture and antique buildings. Famous for its varied and excellent restaurants, Gothic and renaissance buildings in the old city and a range of luxury and budget hotels in Lyon, holidaymakers will definitely have a great time in this captivating French city.
Lyon has developed into a key center of business as a reputed French capital of gastronomy. The city has a noteworthy development in cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumiere. Lyon as a town has much to provide the average tourists. The old town is a must place for those with an interest in French background and architecture. The places of interest and attractions consist of museums, gardens, monuments, churches, cobbled rocks, parks and ancient ruins. The large number of cathedrals and churches in Lyon are truly worth visiting as they are quite famous for their unique architecture and design. There are also a large number of art and historic museums which are quite popular tourist magnetisms. The art works enclosed in these museums are truly gorgeous. In July, the Les Nuit de Fourvire performing arts festival takes place in Lyon whilst the Festival of Lights takes place in late December every year.
Though Lyon is most often associated with Paul Bocuse's Temple of gastronomy, no visit to Lyon is complete without a meal at one of the city's best rated bouchons. Their decoration tends to be modest to the point of severity, and they specialize in the typical cuisine mère of Lyon. The best Lyonis meal is definitely the lunch, with low on cost and great in taste. The more you eat, the more you would want to explore new dishes when in the city. One cannot finish a meal without a sip of wine. Wine is found in abundance and it is quiet cheap.
Daniel et Denise is a restaurant that serves classic Lyonnais dishes. Getting a rental car in Lyon signifies you have a simple avenue to explore the surrounding places. Though public transport and taxi services are available it is always better to rent a car for traveling. If you are traveling with your family, cheap car hire Lyon will give you the liberty to get your things done at your own leisure. This freedom is not available in any other facility and you can use it without any distance restrictions.