Thursday, February 28, 2013

For The Ultimate Luxury: Chauffeur Driven Car Hire London

If you really want to witness authentic culture of a country, visiting London for a holiday would be the best choice one can make. Whether you like modern art, history, or anything else, you will get everything in London. Nowhere else in the world you would find such rich culture, heritage, and art. Even those who go there for work and have hectic schedules ensure that they make enough time to get around and take some priceless treasures back for their loved ones. Every part of London is buzzing with activity, and given the brilliant connectivity the city allows, you can get to just anywhere that you need to.

Just north of the draining gatherings of Oxford Street stands Hertford House, home to the Wallace Collection. The large galleries are noted for the displays of weapons and armour, fine paintings and classily furnished rooms. Painters represented include Titian, Rembrandt and Van Dyck, and the Wallace is also home to the eminent laughing cavalier by Frans Hals. The restaurant in the central hall must rank among London's most attractive gallery dining spaces. Although many of London's galleries and museums are free, it's a little harder to find cinema or theatre that doesn't come with a ticket price. One hotspot for costless performance is The Scoop. This recessed space seats 800 and can be found adjacent to City Hall.

During summer, the amphitheater is in use almost every evening, hosting live plays, music and film screenings. While you're in the zone, take a look inside City Hall where a spiral ramp leads down to a cafe, small gallery spaces and a giant map of London. The Science Museum has answer to everything on this earth. At the Science Museum, you can touch, see, feel and experience all the major scientific advancements that have taken place in last 300 years. However entry is free you might need to pay for some special exhibitions. The events in London are one of their kinds; they are unique in their own way and people feel thrilled after participating in these events. London events are filled with energy and every individual participating in it feels energetic during taking part in the events. Many celebs from across the world spend their vacations by participating in such events and experiencing the energy and thrill before joining the work again.

The best way to explore London is in a chauffeur driven car hire London. Public transportation can be relatively expensive in terms of money and time. With car rental London you need not wait for the public transportation to arrive. London Car rentals save your money and enable you to spend them for enjoyment rather than for the trip itself.