Wednesday, February 6, 2013

During Festivals Hire A Car At Pisa Airport In Italy

The name Italy conjures up the images of warm Mediterranean weather, blue sky, sun kissed golden beaches and the best of all, the mouth watering Italian cuisines. It's one of the best places to plan a vacation in Europe. Although being a very modern country, the people of Italy have a deep respect towards their culture. One, among all the beautiful cites in Italy is Pisa, a city best known for the Leaning Tower, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Pisa is a part of the Tuscany region and has been designated as a World Heritage site.

Round the year many events and festivals keep taking place in Italy. Not only Italians, but people from all over the world look forward to these events with a lot of enthusiasm. A few of these festivals take place in Pisa. From 10th to 20th in the month of May, Sant'Ubaldo is celebrated in the city. The liveliest and the most happening month in Pisa is June, when the maximum events take place. On June 16th La Luminara di San Ranieri is celebrated. The whole city is decorated with candle lights giving the city a magical look. It is followed by fireworks and as is part of their culture a lot vibrant, lively music and dancing takes place on the streets till the early morning. On June 17th is San Ranieri's Day. Then on 'the last Sunday of June' is the Gioco del Ponte, which takes place on the Ponte de Mezzo. A game is played between the Pisa's Northern and Southern medieval rival districts where the opponent team pushes a cart by the strength of their neck towards the rival team. The strongest of men take part in this exciting game.

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