Friday, February 8, 2013

Holiday Car Hire Spain: To Explore Attractions Conveniently

Spain is regarded as one of the most preferred tourist destinations around the world owing to its splendid attractions. It features everything from cave art to the historic quarters and from natural reserves and cathedrals to the enchanting gardens and monuments. Each one of them is unique and worth-visiting. Cities housing these spots get flooded with tourists all year round. The tourists are usually seen in groups, mainly after the trend of traveling in holiday car hire Spain has grown dramatically. In the recent years, both local as well as global tourists are seen preferring traveling in car rentals over public transports. Although Spain is well-equipped with excellent transport facilities, globetrotters rather feel comfortable in hiring car rentals for moving on their own terms. In addition to, they always find it intriguing in moving around in groups rather than exploring a new place individually. Fun, being the major reason; the second reason is that traveling in groups makes the trip economical and enable them to avail various on-going deals offered by the popular car rental companies.
Any traveler can easily get motivated to opt for car rental in Spain because of the country's natural bounties and superb highways connecting to every part of the nation. The roadways always offer closer scenic views and a car rental gives the freedom of enjoying these stops whenever required. The tourist groups can take several breaks enroute, while heading for various heritage sites situated in cities like Avila, Cordoba and Salamanca.
A short break in Ávila is an ideal choice especially for the group willing to cover not all but must-visits of the heritage sites of the country. This city is mostly popular for its spectacular wall, safeguarding the entire city. This 11th century wall is one of the most spectacular monuments in Europe. Other sites include the 10th century Cathedral of Ávila, the Convent of Santa Teresa, Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles, Provincial Museum of Art, the Museum of Oriental Art and much more. The city of Cordoba is another city replete with heritage sites. The tourist group can easily explore this city in their car hire, while enjoying the scenic road trip simultaneously. The Mezquita, which is a unique combination of mosque and cathedral, is a prominent highlight of this city. The city of Salamanca is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. Adorned with two magnificent cathedrals and its grandest Plaza Mayor, the city was declared world heritage site in 1988. The 15th century House of Shells, studded with 350 sandstone shells is a prominent attraction, followed by the Roman Bridge over the Tormes and Convento de San Esteban.
The best way to explore these heritage sites is by going for a car rental in Spain for a hassle free trip. By booking online, one can get discount on cars too.