Monday, September 13, 2010

1000 bonus points on Green Collection rentals

Make a trip for a minimum of three days in a car of your choice from the Hertz Green Collection of cars, and earn 1000 bonus points on Green Collection rentals. These are extremely comfortable eco friendly and fuel efficient cars, emitting lesser quantity of pollutants, while on the drive. The rental of course, is economical to be inviting and now you also have the offer of earning 1000 bonus points!
So just quote PC code 116443 and nectar number at the time of making reservation and present at the rental. Overseas travelers need to prepay in UK on the WOW tariff. The points are then added to your Nectar account in 28 days time. The rental is to be for a minimum of three days. Carefully fill the last eleven digits of your Nectar card number to make you eligible for the next quarterly prize draw. You also have a chance to win your share of 250,000 Nectar points as the offer of 1000 bonus points on Green Collection rental is on.
The Green Collection of cars can be booked by getting a simple quote on line or telephonically and selection of a car of your choice in the collection, be clearly specified. You will be entitled to get one in the range available at your destination. They are real easy to book. You will be the proud possessor of a car of modern technology.
Green Collection cars offer a CO2 level of less than 120g/km. This makes it more environment friendly than the other cars available in the market. European Union had set a voluntary level of output in 2008, for the European Automobile Manufacturer, but this CO2 level of Hertz Green Collection is lower than that also. They are highly fuel efficient. These cars normally achieve 45-65mpg, depending on the size of the vehicle.
So you travel in comfort in a car of Hertz Green collection with the solace of saving on fuel consumption every mile, to reduce the strain on your purse. There is a wide range of these cars. You can get one of the choices you have made, depending on the availability of the same. Some of them are Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, VW Golf, Audi A3 Sportback, VW Passat Blue Motion and so on and so forth.
So you know how much you may save and travel in an eco friendly vehicle to be true to your commitment for maintaining the environment pollution free! Option for a Green Collection vehicle will earn you 1000 bonus points on Green Collection car rental.