Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Week End Rates plus Many More Treats

Hertz discount offers know, no bound. Up on offer are Great week end rates plus many more treats, is what they are offering now! A week end extended up to three days and beyond will bring special benefits, and as a consequence a lot of joy and fun. So Now is the time to take a break from the mundane existence of day to day grind. Leave all stress and tensions behind and proceed holidaying on a week end, for extended time. The great weekend rates plus many more treats makes the offer so special and inviting to go out on a trip which is so exciting!
Imagine, three days and more to be out on a beach or resting in a hill station beyond the nagging boss’s reach, is an opportunity one need never miss. You may go to a jungle for viewing the wild life, in company of people you like. It can be your family, children, friends or wife. Hertz has an extensive variety of vehicles suited to the needs of all. There is provision of special seats for children and even physically handicapped. From compact to convertible, all types of cars are available, on rentals so easy, for you to choose.
Hertz has its outlets, more than 8000 in number, to provide car hire rentals in more than150 counties across the globe at strategic locations. They are all ready to pick you up and drop, at the time of arrival and final send off. So, avail of the offer, do not delay. Hertz at your door steps is ready to take you away, on a trip to a destination you wanted to go always.
Now is the time, don’t wait too long. Pick up your phone or go on line to book a Hertz car hire, for more than three days. This makes you eligible for the special offer of Hertz, great week end rates and many more treats. Soon you can enjoy an extended week end for three days and more, and unravel what Hertz has kept for you in store. Their services are best suited to all, whether you go to Disney Land, The Grand Canyon or Niagara Fall.