Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Car Hire deals

Car hire deals are of great consequence in making a travel worthwhile. For visiting any place, going for sight- seeing, or moving out after reaching a destination by air, water or rail, the need of road transport arises. A comfortable car is what a traveler needs the most. Car hire companies are into this very big business for almost a century now. Their operations spread across the globe in large number of countries, maintaining a huge fleet of high quality cars of all types, maintained and hired by thousands of their outlets all over the world. These outlets cater to the needs of millions of tourists traveling from place to place throughout the year .The job involves striking car hire deals day in and day out. Car hire services facilitate tourism.
Making of car hire deals begins with the company advertising about its car hire packages, making them economical and affordable by floating schemes of concessional discounts. This is an endeavor to attract the prospective hirer. From time to time these offers and treats are given out to make steady flow of business. The prospect falls for it and can get his booking done on line or even on the phone or at the outlets on arrival at the destination. The traveler is offered the option to choose from a large variety of vehicles. The car hire companies maintain a large fleet of latest well maintained cars of all types. From compact small family vehicle to large carriers, from economical transportation to exotic, prestige luxury cars like convertibles, Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes Benz and so on and so forth. Some of the vehicles have special seats for children and physically handicapped persons also.
After checking the credentials of the visitors, the validity of their passport and driving license, these well fuelled and well maintained cars are hired out to them as per their choice, and paying capacity. Those who do not believe in making a compromise may opt for a prestige luxury car for a relatively higher rental. Fun loving traveler may opt for a race car or a convertible. They are air conditioned cars with direct transmission and navigation facilities. Every care is taken to make the tourist comfortable with 24 hour emergency backup facilities provided while driving on road.
Not only hire facilities are provided, hire to buy facilities and provision for replacement of vehicle is also there. A second driver, if needed, is provided. Insurance of the hirer and the driver is the company’s responsibility. All paper work, from booking to billing is done by the office bearers at the outlets. The terms and conditions of the car hire deals are specifically spelt out to avoid any dispute later. These include the billing of rental or price of the vehicle inclusive of the insurance charges, mode of payment, grace period permitted etc. The hirer travels safe and comfortable, gets his money’s worth and the hiring company its business and profit.