Monday, September 13, 2010

Car Hire Discounts- France/ A bonanza of 33% discount on Hertz car rentals-France

A bonanza of 33% discount on Hertz car rentals- France is available to all. France with its capital at Paris is one of the foremost tourist destinations in Europe. Millions of tourists visit France every year to see Disney land, bask in the sun after a swim, at the sea beaches and resorts of the Mediterranean and go skiing on the snow clad Alps. No wonder! Hertz is offering car rental discount, as high as 33%. It is available on all bookings made from 1st September to 30th September, 2010 and pickups from 1st September to 15th December, 2010. Minimum three days hire of a car on rental is a prerequisite to avail this discount. It is a rare opportunity to save for all travel lovers, from all segments, on purpose or on leisure.
Bookings are to be done fast, lest the month of September run out. While booking a car rental CDP 723040 need be quoted, for entitlement to a discount of 33% on Hertz car rentals. Hertz is the world’s largest car hire company, with more than 8000 outlets all over the world, in 150 countries. To facilitate easy rentals to travelers they have come up with a bonanza of 33% discount on Hertz car rentals-France. . Without losing any more time, prompt bookings can be done, either on line or telephonically quoting CDP 723040.
A minimum of three days car hire rental is a prerequisite for being eligible for this discount. A prolonged week end or a journey for a longer duration will reap the real benefit of this lucrative offer.
France has Hertz car rental outlets at all important places, like the air ports, sea ports, railway stations and commercial complexes, offices, tourist spots and other places of people’s interest. On arrival in France, a traveler can, without any hurdle, avail of transport from Hertz outlets. Their locations are easy to approach. Right from booking to billing the car hire rental offices take care to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for the tourists.
It is a golden opportunity to save on travel expenses by hiring a Hertz car for transport. A variety of cars, from compact to bigger ones to accommodate 7and 9 persons, mini vans, vans and buses are also available. They cater to the hirer’s requirement waiting to be hired. In times of rush they may get hired out fast, more so as the discount is on. A late comer may face non availability of a ready vehicle for transport. It is wise to book in advance. It will save a lot of inconvenience on arrival at a destination.
Before the 30th September book a vehicle of your choice, for a travel with pick up before 15th December 2010. Quote CDP 723040 for availing the benefit of a bonanza of 33% discount on Hertz car rentals- France.