Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Car hire Spain

Car hire Spain is very important in facilitating tourism in Spain. Every year millions of tourists visit Spain and its possessions in the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands of Menorca and Majorca and Canary islands. As soon as a visitor arrives, a car is the first requirement for inland travel. There are car hire companies with a fleet of modern, well maintained cars to offer for hire. The car hire facility extends to the islands also. These companies have been in this business of transportation for several years. They cater to all segments of tourists, with different preferences in tune with their pockets.
The choice is a wide range of cars, from compact to convertibles, from economy vehicles to luxury prestige cars like BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and race cars for fun. Small family vehicles to large ones with capacity to take seven to nine and even large groups with special seats for children and luggage carriers as well. Special seats for physically handicapped can be made available. To make the car hire packages attractive, incentives and discounts are offered to the customers from time to time. Bookings can be made on line or on phone with ready quotes available there and then.
Car hire Spain has a number of well established outlets run by a competent regular staff. They ensure that their client travels in comfort and gets his money’s full worth. Properly fuelled vehicles in excellent running condition are provided with an extra driver if required. These are air conditioned cars with direct transmission and navigation facilities. After ensuring the credentials of the traveler like the passport and driving license the cars are let out to them on a reasonably affordable rental. Sometimes 24 hours emergency services are provided on the road.
The offices of car hire Spain take complete care to make the tourist comfortable and safe. The driver and the hirer are insured against accident causing injury or death. All the paper work from booking to billing is undertaken by these company outlets. The documentation is to specify clearly the rental inclusive of insurance charges, the mode of payment and grace period permitted to the hirer, so that the possibility of a dispute later is eliminated.
Most of these offices are located close to the airports, sea ports and the railway stations, convenient for the tourist to approach. Car hire facilities thus connect them to all the important destinations of tourist interest. Whether on an errand, or an official and business trip or leisure, their requirements are met with, to their satisfaction. The rentals are economical. Car hire Spain takes every care to make the hirer travel in comfort, with a care free state of mind and safety so as to make his experience a memorable one.