Thursday, September 16, 2010

Car Van Hire

Car van hire is quite common, as they are generally needed where the number of travelers is more and cannot be accommodated in a small ordinary car. For carrying a load of luggage and a number of persons it is ideal to car van hire. There are transport companies carrying out this business for almost a hundred years now with more than 8000 outlets across the globe. They cater to the needs of the people by providing all types of vans. There are 2and 3 seat vans, compact carriers working as couriers. There are Long Wheel Base vans used in short and long distance transit, Lupton type vans with tail lifts, camper vans and mini buses. It is a utility service, most appreciated when the need to clear ones garage arises or a shifting of luggage from one house to the other is to be done.
The car van hire rentals are therefore, applicable on hourly basis, when the van services are required for a few hours only. Otherwise it could be on daily, weekly or monthly basis also. If in service for a longer duration the van could also be leased out with prolonged schedule of long term rental payments. There could be concessions on week end rental, as holidays lessen the prospect of hiring a van. For this reason some times, the van gets hired for seven days on payment of rental for five days only. There is rebate of rental on students van. Advance booking of the vehicle, can earn a substantial discount on rental. These special offers are floated every now and then for promotion of business in the most competitive environment in the market.
In case of car van hire, the vehicle can easily be booked on phone or online. By getting a simple quote on line a booking could be confirmed. There are several locations with availability of vans all over the globe. They are hired to connect to various destinations depending on the demand of the hirer. Their hirers can be individuals, groups of tourists, organizations such as schools, factories, banks, hospitals and movers and packers.
These vehicles are amply insured, so are the driver and the hirer. The entire paper work from booking to billing is done by the staff provided at the outlets of car van hire companies. The terms and conditions, which form the basis of the van being hired out, are clearly specified to avoid disputes later. The credentials of the hirer are verified and only after ascertaining them the van keys are handed over to him. The car hire companies ensure safety, security, of the hirer and his luggage. Every care is taken to make the van hire experiences a memorable one.