Monday, September 13, 2010

Car Hire Discount Prices- Europe/ Bonanza of Hertz Car Hire Prices Discount in Europe

A bonanza of Hertz car hire prices discount up to 33% is on. Travelers all over the world are invited to go on a trip to most fascinating tourist destinations in Europe. Travel at least for three days by a Hertz car on hire. All bookings from 1st September to 30th September with pickups from 1st September to 15th December, 2010, are eligible for this discount. It is a great incentive to make planned trips materialize and save on travel expenses. Time need not be lost, lest the month of September pass away.
Only Hertz can offer such substantial discounts. It is the largest car hire rental network with more than 8000 outlets across the globe, operating in about 150 countries. Hertz is known for offering attractive incentives to its prospective hirers. This bonanza of Hertz car hire prices discount in European countries is too exciting to be overlooked. Plan a travel up to 15th December this year and get its booking now, before 15th December, 2010. Quoting CDP 723040 is a must to reap the benefit of a discount as high as 33%.
Some of the major destination countries are:
United Kingdom,
Large fleets of Hertz cars are available for rentals. Booking them is easy. Cars can be booked even on line and telephonically. Ready quote for a variety of vehicles, is available on line. Booking a car before 30th September, 2010 entitles the hirer to 33% discount on Hertz car rental. While booking the vehicle it is necessary to quote CDP 723040. All segments of tourists can save on Hertz car rental, since the cost has been reduced considerably.
Hertz car rental is to be availed, for a minimum of three days, to be eligible for this discount. Let it be a prolonged week end or a trip of a longer duration than that. Reap the real benefit of this offer by making an extended trip. The vehicles are hired out on daily, weekly and monthly basis. If require for a longer duration, there s provision of leasing the vehicle to the hirer.
Hertz is famous for its quality service. Most of its outlets are conveniently located close to the air ports in Europe. They provide a wide range of vehicles to the hirer to choose from. Even a second driver is arranged for, if the hirer requires one. The tourist’s needs are catered to, from pick up to the final send off. To know how it feels to travel in a Hertz vehicle, it is to be experienced personally. It is the right time to travel on purpose, for official work, for a business trip or for leisure. Bonanza of Hertz car hire prices discount prices discount in Europe is on. Avail of it, for the time of discount and the tide of financial gain will wait for none.